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Technique + Measures:

  • Hand built ceramics.
  • Oxides, under glaze
  • Cotton string
  • Electric kiln, high fire

      Size: 25.5 x 8.5(CM)


      Growing up in a chaotic home, I was never safe. Couldn't trust anyone, was always watching what's going on around me, looking for a getaway if needed or if there's someone else to rescue. I'd do many things to help others but couldn't take help from anyone even when a loving hand was stretched toward me asking me to take it. Trusting people to not deliberately hurt me was a journey. Think of a wet puppy in a rainy day, not trusting a human hand for aid. It took time, love, patient and a very strong will to get me there. I believe that having my children was a huge part in this recovery. It's not that I don't get hurt from time to time, it's just that I can take the risk now.




          Edna Piorko

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