Old Houses

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Technique + Measures:

  • Hand built ceramics (on beach stone)
  • Oxides, over glaze, glaze
  • Electric kiln, high fire

                Size: 9 x 16(CM)


                When I walk down a street that isn't my street, I try to look around as if I was a tourist. Even if I know the street, this way I notice new and different details I haven’t noticed before. I suddenly notice a rusted barrier, a peeling wall and damp stains. If you happen to walk down the street and see a woman staring at a broken window it's probably me.

                I stare and keep the picture in my memory, or even take a photo with my cell phone so I can remember how it looks like. I then create small miniature houses based on those pictures. 

                Whenever I come back from a trip or a vacation and start creating, my family laughs that the houses have changed again according to where I traveled.
                I especially love old houses- these are homes with souls, history and memories in them. They have seen things, and sometimes I even feel sad that they can't share their stories with me. So when I create the houses, I also create their character and memories.




                Edna Piorko

                Old Houses
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