Landscapes of My Life

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Technique + Measures:

  • Hand built ceramics.
  • Carving
  • Oxides, over glaze 
  • Electric kiln, high fire

Size: 32.5 x 11.5 (CM)


I was born in Haifa, in a regular neighborhood of hard working people on mount Carmel (Israel). All the houses were overlooking down from one side to the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, and up from the other side to the green pines forest. I thought this landscape was the most beautiful ever and that it will always be a part of my life. The colored roofs, the pine trees forest where we used to walk through collecting nuts and the light blue waves with the white foam and sail boats sailing to the horizon. I was seven years old when we moved away and never returned, and since then I miss this landscape where the trees are so high and the waves are so cheerful. I've been there as an adult, looking for the giant trees but all I could see was some pretty regular dusty trees and high buildings blocking the sea view. As long as I shall live, this wonderful kingdom will remain in my imagination.




Edna Piorko

Landscapes of My Life
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