Gray king

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Technique + Measures: 

  • Hand built ceramics
  • Carving
  • Oxides, real gold luster.
  • Electric kiln, high fire

                                  Size: 36.5 x 19(CM)

                                  Oh, I wanted to be a princess! I wanted prince charming to come and get me on his white horse and we will ride to the sunset! I wanted the whole fairy tale and I was willing to work hard wiping floors as Cinderella did. I also knew it will never happen. I knew I have to take care of myself and believed I can never lean on others. From the moment I can remember myself, I felt alone. Existentially speaking. I had this thought that I will never commit to one person, since it's not possible for someone else to be this trusted. I wasn't sad about it, it's just the way I saw things. I met my prince charming at the age of 27. He was 32. I knew I could trust him, make the journey of life with him and that I will marry him, on our third date. He didn't look like royalty, he dressed awful, he was kind of short (same height as me, actually) and I always liked tall guys! But then, he had good eyes, huge heart and another spice I can't put my finger on. My prince charming is a king now, he is turning gray and he is my best friend in the universe. Just celebrated our 23 anniversary. I know I am his queen too. 





                                  Edna Piorko

                                  Gray king
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