Exposed And Vulnerable

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Technique + Measures:

  • Hand built ceramics.
  • Oxides, under glaze
  • Electric kiln, high fire

      Size: 23 x 8(CM)


      There were times where I was so fragile that I thought anyone could see through me to my very deepest. As if my stomach was wide open for anyone to look at it and decide whether I am worthy of love. In time, I found out that so many people around me feel the same way. I was studying in the university when one of my professors said something about the "impersonation syndrome". The situation where a person feels like an actor who shows outwardly a better image than he really is, believing that if others will know what's inside of him, what are his actual feelings and thoughts are, they will deny him. I was maybe 20 years old at the time, and it described me.




        Edna Piorko

        Exposed And Vulnerable
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