Cousin Roberta

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Technique + Measures: 

  • Hand built ceramics.
  • Carving
  • Oxides, glaze, over glaze, metal ring, raku bead.
  • Electric kiln, high fire

                          Size: 28 x 16.5(CM)


                          She lives with her husband, has a cat and a dog. Her two adult children are already living elsewhere. Her husband is a lawyer, she graduated a prestigious college, worked for several years, but mostly stayed at home, raising the children and engaged in social activities. Her main concerns in life involve family, tradition, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She is loyal to her old friends, has a rare tolerate to others, and knows how to listen.

                          Cousin Roberta doesn't watch television. She shows interest and understanding in local politics and has strong opinions about it. She loves the theater, movies (some drama, a bit of romance, maybe stories with a real basis). She collects beautiful art objects, this is how we actually met. It makes her happy and so does a good meal with friends in a quiet restaurant where they can talk. If she manages to coordinate half a day with her daughter or lunch outside with her son, it's a celebration. But her daughter is quite busy with a career and a new husband, and the son is busy with college and is not so available. She knows it will pass, but sometimes it pinches her heart a little, so she find them special gifts with a specific meaning or emotion.




                          Edna Piorko

                          Cousin Roberta
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