Childhood Memory

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Technique + Measures:

  • Set of two hand built ceramics
  • Oxides, over glaze, glaze
  • Electric kiln, high fire

            Size: 12 x 7.5(CM) Each


            As a child my family lived in an apartment building right next to a private house with a garden full of fruit trees.

            On hot summer days, my older brother and his friends used to climb the fence that bordered between the gardens, up the loquat tree and eat its fruits. My friend and I used to watch them while they picked the fruit and threw some for us to enjoy too.
            When the neighbor saw them she used to wash them off with water and they would run away laughing. Back then we called her 'the witch' but now I know she was just an old lady who was tired of the neighborhood kids picking her fruits. If I could meet her today I would want to apologize.

            Many of the houses I create symbolize a childhood memory like this one.




            Edna Piorko

            Childhood Memory
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