1000 kisses

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Technique + Measures:

  • Hand built ceramics.
  • Carving
  • Oxides, over glaze 
  • Electric kiln, high fire

        Size: 30.5 x 15.5(CM)

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        We were a new loving couple, when we had our first rain together. I was in my night gown and he had only short pence on. We went outside our one bedroom apartment, stood barefoot on the grass, between many colorful Anemones. We started laughing, he kissed me everywhere, maybe 1000 kisses, and then we danced. He knows I love Anemones and brings me a bouquet from time to time, now he will find out why I love them so much. I will forever remember how I loved him that moment. Even when we'll be 100 years old!   




        Edna Piorko

        1000 kisses
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