Stones Are My Best Friends (Not Diamonds!)

I love collecting all kinds of stones and driftwood. I use them in my creations - as a small stage or pedestal. There are stones I collect and know exactly what I'm going to put on them and there are others that I keep and play with, until I can think of the perfect combination for them.

On one of our vacations, my husband and I found ourselves on a beach that was full of beautiful stones, some flattened, some round, of all sizes and colors.

A whole beach full of perfect stones! Perfect for my miniatures I mean!

I started running around, jumping from stone to stone, filling up my pockets, my backpack and the back seat of our rented car, smiling as I picked and chose another perfect stone. While I was busy collecting stones, he was busy checking the temperature of the water and before I even noticed he was in and swimming.

I looked up to see my loved one swimming in a huge pond of seaweed while he looked up and understood what I was doing.

I started explaining to him that there is no chance I am swimming in that water while he started explaining to me that there is no way we can take all of the stones home with us.

With seaweed all around him he tried his best "it's heavy..." he said.

"We'll have to pay extra for the weight!" he added desperately. But I wouldn't let go of not even one stone! I exclaimed "We're either taking them all or I'm staying here with them!" Lucky for me, my husband knows me and loves me so he took us all home. Lucky for me, my husband knows me and loves me so he took us all home. Look at my miniatures under "Home sweet home" category to see the outcome!



My name is Edna. For 20 years I worked as as a social worker in man prison and that was the center of my life. I saw the human soul at its beauty, its weakness, wisdom, ugliness. Variety of shapes and shades of the human faces burned into my soul and mixed with the internal materials of my past and early memories. During a period of personal crisis, I happened to be in my son's sculpture class. From the moment my hands met clay, a special love story began. Creating in clay leads me to inner peace, and unspeakable happiness and joy.