Secrets and being exposed
I've been asked about secrets and being exposed to criticism lately. I thought for just one second and replied that after many years of hiding, being afraid of what people might say or think about me, being worried if they would love me, I am now open to the world. There are no taboos in my life. I found that not only that people don't run away as they see me for who I am, but they are more drown to me. So no more secrets. Those who visit me know we will have an open heart to heart talk about life, a talk with joy and pain, laughter and sorrow, love and frustration. All together as it is in real life. This is so good! I feel free as it is like that. 
Those who don't approve or don't like me, stay away and it is a wonderful thing as I don't need them in my life. What a great way to have only the best people for me around and nobody else. 
Some of the sculptures in my website are the most exposed sculptures I ever made (the 'Life materials' section).

My name is Edna. For 20 years I worked as as a social worker in man prison and that was the center of my life. I saw the human soul at its beauty, its weakness, wisdom, ugliness. Variety of shapes and shades of the human faces burned into my soul and mixed with the internal materials of my past and early memories. During a period of personal crisis, I happened to be in my son's sculpture class. From the moment my hands met clay, a special love story began. Creating in clay leads me to inner peace, and unspeakable happiness and joy.