Creating Stories

When I was a teenager growing up, there was a famous children books author named Dvora Omer. I dreamt of being her. Everyone liked reading her books, but none of the other girls wanted to be her. They all wanted to be Olivia Newton John and dance with John Travolta forever, but I wanted to be that writer!

I wanted to create and write stories, and even draw my own books. Surprisingly enough I didn't grow up to be her or a writer at all. However, I did make my dream to create something by my own, come true!

From the first time I started working with clay I have started creating and making stories come to life.

Every sculpture I make has its own story, or stories.You can find a story under each of my sculptures (in the gallery). Would love to have your comments and thoughts of the one you prefer!

I wonder what's yours.(Sculpture and story).


My name is Edna. For 20 years I worked as as a social worker in man prison and that was the center of my life. I saw the human soul at its beauty, its weakness, wisdom, ugliness. Variety of shapes and shades of the human faces burned into my soul and mixed with the internal materials of my past and early memories. During a period of personal crisis, I happened to be in my son's sculpture class. From the moment my hands met clay, a special love story began. Creating in clay leads me to inner peace, and unspeakable happiness and joy.