Connecting People Through My Artwork

I mostly create individual sculptures of figures and houses, all handmade. One morning, while the winter sun was doing anything but warming, the almond tree was smiling to me with its beautiful white flowers, a guest walked into my studio.

He was fascinated by the sculpture of the mountain-man-houses and asked "but why does this man have houses on his head?" and before I could even answer he started telling me about a theory of the human soul.

I couldn't understand or relate to his theory so I laughed and said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" Then I told him that I grew up on mountain Carmel (near the city of Haifa)

Before I became a ceramic artist. We talked about childhood memories from there and then, when all the children played outside together, picked fruits from the neighbors trees, watched the sea together, walked to school together through some very crowded roads.

Although he grew up in a different place he could relate to my stories and even share some of these memories. We all have childhood memories that we keep safe and beautiful and untouched in our mind so no one can ruin them for us.

When he looked at the sculpture again after our chat, it looked different to him, telling a whole different story.

All of my creations tell a story the moment you look at them, some need to be invented.

My name is Edna. For 20 years I worked as as a social worker in man prison and that was the center of my life. I saw the human soul at its beauty, its weakness, wisdom, ugliness. Variety of shapes and shades of the human faces burned into my soul and mixed with the internal materials of my past and early memories. During a period of personal crisis, I happened to be in my son's sculpture class. From the moment my hands met clay, a special love story began. Creating in clay leads me to inner peace, and unspeakable happiness and joy.